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Technical Data

Why does the wavy glass curtain wall need to be processed by reversely bending tempering furnaces?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 58  Published: 2022-09-23

1. To ensure the effectiveness of the Low-E glass coating, the coated layer of the bent tempered insulated glass must be sealed between the insulated glass panes.

2. The Low-E coating between the insulated glass panes is usually coated on the inner side of the exterior glass pane.

3. As many buildings now adopt wavy exterior glass curtain wall built with bent tempered Low-E insulated glass, it requires the regularly bent tempered glass and the reversely bent tempered glass to be connected one by one to ensure that the Low-E coatings of the bent tempered insulating glass are on the same side for the realization of wavy glass curtain wall and the performance of the design.