It uses gas as the heating energy, which greatly reduces the demand for electrical energy
The gas glass tempering furnace is new glass tempering equipment with gas (natural gas or LPG) as its heating energy. Compared with the common electrical heating tempering equipment, its greatest characteristic is to skillfully use the combustion heat energy of gas to heat the glass.
The gas heating furnace developed by LandGlass employs the self-developed efficient and high-speed gas burners according to the processing characteristics of tempering glass, so that the gas can be burnt sufficiently, and the released heat energy is transferred to glass in the heating furnace by flexible and adjustable power based upon LandGlass's forced convection technology. Then the glass is blown and quenched, thus completing the process of glass tempering.

Gas heating tempering furnace




  1. LD-AF Gas Heating Furnace
  • LD-AF Gas Heating Flat Glass Tempering Furnace
    Types Max.
    Glass thickness Productivity
    Burners Installed Capacity
    (KVA) (KVA)
    Gas consumption
    Clear glass Low-E
    A1525F 1500X2500 100X350 4-19 16 13 10 300 0.7
    A2436F 2440X3600 200X400 4-19 16 13 12 300 0.7
    A2450F 2440X5000 200X400 4-19 13 13 16 300 0.7
    Productivity is calculated on 5mm clear glass and 5mm Low-E glass (E=0.08) with 65% loadage. Gas consumption is calculated on CNG with heat value of 8500 kilocalorie/m3. Actual productivity is subject to glass types, sizes and loadage.