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R & D

Since its establishment, LandGlass has invested heavily in R&D, developing new technologies and bringing new products into the marketplace. LandGlass has managed to provide its R&D personnel with the best research and testing resources to support and encourage them in improving existing products and developing new technologies.

After many years of development, LandGlass has set up a R&D facility with a complete range of equipment covering over 20,000 square meters. We have a professional team of researchers and developers characterized by deep technical knowledge and a high capacity for innovation. Because of our commitment to do the best job possible in terms of quality and innovation, we have cooperated with several universities to keep learning, researching and ultimately growing.

R&D and manufacturing of glass tempering furnaces

Innovation has been part of the LandGlass identity since its establishment. Some innovation examples are the sensational introduction of the first bi-directional flat and bent glass tempering furnace in the world and the continuous research commitment in the field of convection heating, a technology we started researching when this technology was barely noticed in China. Another examples are the development of a new type of continuous furnaces for thin glass tempering, which was acquired by some of the leading glass manufacturing companies and the development of gas fired glass tempering furnaces creating a high energy efficient glass product.

LandGlass keeps developing new technologies and bringing out new products, inscribing our name in glass tempering equipment history. To elevate our position so as to be the leader in the industry of glass processing equipment R&D and manufacturing.

LandGlass is a leader in R&D and manufacturing of glass tempering furnaces nationally and internationally. We produce flat tempering furnaces, bent tempering furnaces and combined (flat and bent) tempering furnaces for the architectural, automotive and solar glass markets. LandGlass’ Forced JetConvection Furnaces, Combined Tempering Furnaces and Forced Convection Continuous Furnaces have been sold. At present, more than one thousand LandGlass tempering furnaces are in operation from North and South America, to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.