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Continuous Tempering Furnaces

LD-BL AirStream Continuous Bent Glass Tempering Oven

Architecture&Furniture, Automobile Industries and Household Appliances, etc.
Combination of radiation and assisstant convection heating.
On-line Low-E Glass, Ultra Clear Glass, Screen Printed Glass, Pattern Glass, Tinted Glass, Clear Glass, etc.
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  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  4. Customer Case
  • After the Continuous Flat Glass Tempering Oven was successfully developed, LandGlass developed the Continuous Bent Glass Tempering Oven in 2013, by combining B type hard-roller bending technology and continuous tempering technology. This oven can produce small and medium-sized single curvature bent tempered glass for the automotive and for the furniture markets.

    AirStreamTM Radiation Heating plays a supportive role during the process. Compressed air is injected into the heating furnace to aid the heating process of the top surface of the glass, which ensures heating uniformity for on-line Low-E glass, and other glass types.

    LD-BL AirStreamTM Continuous Bent Glass Tempering Oven adopts AirStreamTM heating technology. This oven can temper large volumes of single curvature bent glass for architectures, furniture, automotive and household appliances industries. Glass that can be tempered includes: on-line Low-E glass, extra ultra clear glass, screen printed glass, pattern glass, tinted glass, clear glass, etc.
  • 1. Perfect combination of B bending technology and continuous tempering technology.

    2. The bending and tempering section guarantees accurate radii; it doesn’t need continuous adjustments.

    3. It can bend and temper large volumes of highly accurate single curvature glass for the automotive and household appliances market.
  • LD-BL AirStream Continuous Bent Glass Tempering Oven
    Max. Loading
    Min. Loading Dimension
    Min. Radius
    (pcs / h)
    Installed Capacity
    Productivity is calculated on 3.2mm clear glass. Actual productivity is subject to glass types, sizes and loadage. Not all types are listed here due to limited space.
  • Company
    Xinsheng Industrial Limited Company
    Company Profile
    Xinsheng Industrial Limited Company is a modern enterprise specialized in glass processing to provide flat and bent tempered glass mainly for architecture, furniture and automobile industries. Giving top priority to credibility, quality and service, Xinsheng Industrial Limited Company offers the best products to clients.
    Furnace Type
    LD-BL Continuous Bent Glass Tempering Oven
    Main Products
    Tempered glass for autos, architecture, furniture, household appliances, doors and windows and so on.

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