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Flat Tempering Furnaces

LD-A AirStream Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

Architecture&Furniture, Automobile Industries and Household Appliances, etc.
Combination of radiation and assisstant convection heating.
On-line Low-E Glass, Ultra Clear Glass, Screen Printed Glass, Pattern Glass, Tinted Glass, Clear Glass, etc.
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  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  4. Customer Case
  • The LD-A Flat Glass Tempering Furnace is configured with electrical and mechanical parts from recognized European brands and it is equipped with the LandGlass core process control software inside. This type of furnace was greatly welcomed after being launched to the market and there are hundreds of customers from all over the world tempering glass with our LD-A Flat Glass Tempering Furnace.

    AirStreamTM Radiation Heating plays a supportive role during the process. Compressed air is injected into the heating furnace to aid the heating process of the top surface of the glass, which ensures heating uniformity for on-line Low-E glass, and other glass types.

    LD-A AirStreamTM Flat Glass Tempering Furnace adopts AirStreamTM Heating Technology. Glass tempered by this tempering furnace is suitable for the architectural and furniture markets. The glass that can be tempered includes: on-line Low-E glass, extra ultra clear glass, screen printed glass, pattern glass, tinted glass, clear glass, etc. 
  • 1. This furnace has a simple, strong and durable structure, and it is easy to operate and maintain.

    2. This furnace can heat evenly on-line Low-E glass by combining radiation heating and compressed air. It adopts Siemens’ temperature control modules and PID intelligent heating control technology to achieve a faster and more intelligent control.

    3. The use of high-quality insulating materials and the most advanced anchoring technology minimizes heat transfer from internal metal fastenings to the external frame of the machine, reducing power consumption and makes the internal structure more durable significantly prolonging its service life.

    4. The furnace enjoys a unique tempering and cooling system thanks to aerodynamic computer simulation technology and long-term testing, which further helps the final quality of flat tempered glass.
  • LD-A AirStream Flat Glass Tempering Furnace


    A1830 1800X3000 150X300 4-19 15 500
    A1836 1800X3600 150X300 4-19 15 630
    A1842 1800X4200 150X300 4-19 15 630
    A2030 2000X3000 150X350 4-19 15 500
    A2036 2000X3600 150X350 4-19 15 630
    A2436 2440X3600 150X350 4-19 15 800
    A2442 2440X4200 150X350 4-19 15 1000
    A2450 2440X5000 150X350 4-19 15 1000
    A2460 2440X6000 150X350 4-19 15 1250
    A2480 2440X8000 150X350 4-19 15 1600
    A2880 2800X8000 150X350 4-19 15 1600
    A3050 3000X5000 150X350 4-19 15 2000
    A3080 3000X8000 150X350 4-19 15 1600
    A3250 3200X5000 150X350 4-19 15 1600
    Productivity is calculated on 5mm clear glass with 65% loadage. Actual productivity is subject to glass types, sizes and loadage. Not all types are listed here due to limited space.
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    Saudi Arabia, Middle East
    Company Profile
    Saad is a group of privately owned diversified businesses. Anchored in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Saad operates across the Gulf and has investments around the world. With a uniquely experienced and committed management team, Saad's absolute commitment to quality has helped its business develop in terms of scope, expertise and the ability to innovate.
    Furnace Type
    LD-A AirStream Flat Glass Tempering Furnace
    Main Products
    Tempered glass for architecture,furniture,doors and windows.
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