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Group News

What are the requirements for the glass sheet to be tempered in the glass tempering furnace?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 25  Published: 2022-08-18
In the process of glass tempering, glass breakage often occurs. In order to reduce the occurrence of glass breakage during the tempering process and in the use process after tempering, it is required tomeet the technical requirements for the original glass sheet and pretreatment process.

The glass sheetto be temperedshould meet the various quality requirements setfor float glass, such as thickness tolerance, optical defects, stones, scratches and other indicators. At present, most float glass can be tempered. Tempered glass and semi-tempered glass cannot be tempered again as raw materials.

The cut glass should be further processed, like edging, drilling, washing and other processes, before entering the glass tempering furnace for tempering treatment. Before the glass sheet is to be tempered, it should be confirmed that it has been cut, edged, drilled and washed in accordance with pretreatment regulations. In particular, the original glass with drilled holes should meet the drilling requirements to avoid glass breaking during tempering. In conclusion, it is important to ensure that the glass should be cut to the desired size and shape and that all openings and cuts should be made before tempering.