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Technical Data

How to test the surface thrust and surface quality of the tempered glass panels for large display cover?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 34  Published: 2022-08-12

1. Surface thrust:

With the tempered glass display cover standing on a glass holder, use a thrust meter to push against the curved surface of the glass till it becomes flat (Place a stretched wire on each side of the glass to hold it. The glass is flat when the curved surface touches the stretched wire). The value displayed by the thrust meter is the surface thrust of the glass.

2. Surface quality:

Place a 600-lumen white light on top and a 2000-lumen white light at the bottom of the glass, 300mm away from the glass surfaces. Inspect the surface through visual observation. During the test, wipe the glass with alcohol to ensure the cleanliness of the glass surface.